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Good Friday at Salcedo Village

Easter break in Manila.  Thursday and Friday are both Holidays.  Since I live within the business district - the city practically turns into a ghost town on these days.  Of course - there are still those who work - especially those in Business Process Outsourcing companies who have to provide service 24x7.  But the neighborhood is very peaceful during these days.

Everyone else will be in supposed paradise Boracay or for those who can't afford it - Puerto Galera.  Of course the rich - will choose the exclusive resorts in El Nido or even Aman Pulo.

I chose to stay in the city.  It's not the first time that I did this.  I just love the city during these holidays. 

Empty Building (Rufino Tower)

Empty Crosswalks

Empty Cafe

Just me and my iPad (eBooks on Kindle) my iPod, my phone, my coffee - and Cheesecake

Empty Parks - more room for Midori to Run

Midori exploring the park

No other dogs but Midori

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