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I Quit my Gym

I quit from my gym.  I was a member for over 10 years.  When I first joined - it was called "The Spa".  Apart from the monthly dues, they also ask for a membership fee.  It was a significant investment that made it a little bit more difficult to join - which in turn just emphasized that it's an exclusive Fitness Club.  Later on, the gym was bought by the international fitness club company "Fitness First".  It was then renamed to Fitness First plus.  The running joke among members is if that implies that all the other clubs should be called Fitness First minus.

I think the joke on Fitness First minus - prompted the company to rename Fitness First plus to Fitness First Platinum.  That sounded a lot better.

So after over 10 years of being a member of the gym.  I quit.  I can think of three reasons why I decided to quit.

1.  To start - the club was supposed to be an exclusive club.  Entry into the gym should be a bit difficult because of the up-front joining fee.  It seems like this has already been waived ever since it was owned by Fitness First.  So - every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Mary, and Sue - can join the club.  

2.  Very few of my Fitness Friends have stayed at the gym.  A lot of them have moved on to yoga, moved to Canada, or abandoned fitness altogether.  Gyms are supposed to be fun because of the sense of community it provides.  Unfortunately - I don't find that communal spirit in the gym anymore.

3.  The last straw was a recent hike in the monthly fees - which automatically got charged to my credit card without prior notice.  Sure - they blamed the very slow postal system in the Philippines - but - I am at the gym at least three times a week - why can't the front desk personnel just announce it?   They charge our credit cards promptly --- so the announcement should be prompt.  Doing it otherwise - just goes to show that customers are not much of a priority for the company.

So in the month of April - I quit.  Apparently - they ask for a one month notice to quit.  I really don't understand that - but what the heck --- I can overlook that one month notice.  As long as I can be free from the burden of maintaining a gym membership in a gym that I no longer feel values me as much I think I should be valued as a customer.

Does this mean - I quit working out altogether?  No.  I have actually decided to utilize the gym in our Condo.  I also found a Fitness trainer who can come to my place.  (I would have wanted to just hire my former Personal Trainer from FF but I wouldn't want to get him in trouble.)   These are my reasons for this alternative:

1.  The money I will spend is less than half of what I used to spend on monthly membership dues plus Personal Training fees.

2.  The gym is within the building I live in.  So that's really convenient.  I can quickly hit the shower at my place after the work out.  So less excuses.

3.  The equipment is new - since the gym just got renovated.

With this change in my life - I am hoping that I can achieve two of my goals this year:

1.  Rationalize my expenses.

2.  Achieve my fitness goals.

You - my dear readers.  Have you done anything lately that has taken you closer to your goals this year?

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