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Dining at Amici in the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Char Siew and I were hungry after that late afternoon walk at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  I thought it would be good to check out Amici and Cara Mia.  These restaurants are actually operated by the former owners of Red Ribbon ( which was bought by Jollibee ).   Amici - I love - and I used to go to the original one at Don Bosco Makati.  I have never tried Cara Mia - which is the marriage of the Amici Gelato and the old Red Ribbon Cakes.

Char Siew and I enjoyed our stay at the restaurant.  With Char Siew being gone for two weeks - I couldn't resist but to give him bits and pieces of the food that I was eating. 

Pumpkin Soup from Amici

Cannelloni from Amici

Char Siew waiting for Food from Table

Char Siew's Water Dish from the Restaurant

Peach Walnut Ice Cream Cake from Cara Mia

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