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Midori's Turn to Dine at Amici

Char Siew kept bugging me last week about his welcome dinner with Daddy at Amici.  He kept on asking me if I've been there.  He kept asking me why I think Daddy has not brought me to Amici.  I was getting so annoyed with all the questions that I finally confronted Daddy.  I asked him ( telepathically of course ) - why have you not brought me to Amici?   He quickly got the leash and I knew right then - we were going to Ayala Triangle Garden - where Amici is.  Char Siew?  He was left with Nanny.

Summer at Ayala Triangle Garden

Summer has started in Manila.  Our Summer doesn't seem to coincide with all of my anipals in Twitter.  They seem to be having Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  Manila - like most tropical countries is experiencing the hot dry days.  So even if it's not officially summer --- we call it summer here where I live.

We brought my Water Bottle

Dogs need a lot of Water during the Summer months

Summer means school is out.  So there were a lot of kids at the park.  There were many of them who came by and said hello.  Char Siew never gets the kids because they're afraid of him.  But since I look like Snoopy - and Underdog - a lot of kids recognize me and they pet me.

Kids dropped by to say Hello

But we were there not for the kids.  We were there to go to Amici.  Oh my!  I love the place.  They have pasta and Gelato.  Daddy - thinks I'm too fat ( last time I weighed - I was 42 lbs. ).  So he just ordered Fried Mozzarella sticks.  He shared some of it with me.  Yummy.  He also had Mango Sans Rival.  And of course - I licked some Ice Cream off his fingers.  I love Gelato.

Amici's Fried Mozzarella Sticks

Mango Sans Rival Gelato Cake from Amici

So I went back to the House of Queens - a happy Beagle.  Char Siew was sulking in his corner - because he was left at the house.

I was one happy Beagle

Char Siew Sulking back home.


  1. I just changed it last night, you're the first to mention it, it's your beagle nose, it misses nothing!
    Midoris post below is hilarious, that pooch has excellent taste.

  2. Thanks Tabitha. Midori is a spoiled brat and like all spoiled brats - I had to send her to boarding school. Now she's a little bit more refined. But she does have excellent taste - so all designer goods are kept out of her reach (like the Alexa bags of my best friend/room mate).