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Peace in the House of Queens

Ever since Char Siew came back from boarding school - I am now able to have moments when he and Midori can be in the same room and peace is maintained.  They will occasionally try to egg each other on rough playing but I will immediately scold them and say NO.  They will stop and recognizing that I mean serious business - they will just look for a place in the room away from each other and take the down position.


  1. Oh you guys look so sad.
    As for me, I prefer to be left alone from other pups anyway. I only play if another dog MAKES me.
    Mom talks about adopting a boy pei or pei mix when I'm a senior in a few years. I vote no. Mom will have to keep me separate from another dog too.

  2. Char Siew and MidoriApril 16, 2011 at 10:34 PM

    Midori and Char Siew: Yes Laney. We are sad that we can't play.

    Midori: I like being with other dogs. In fact the more the merrier.

    Char Siew: I don't like having other dogs around. I prefer doing a Greta Garbo ("I want to be alone.").