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Dressing up My iPad

Did you play with paper dolls when you were a kid?   I played with paper dolls.  I remember cutting those paper dresses and "dressing" up the cardboard cut outs of boys and girls.  Dressing them up as doctors, policemen, nurses, priests, nuns etc.  That was fun.

As an adult --- my toys have evolved into electronics.  What has not changed is the joy that dressing up these toys bring.  One of those toys is my iPad.

These are the different dresses, errrr cases, that my iPad sports.

1.  Original iPad Case

It's actually not that original.   It's a copy of the original case that Apple launched.  I like this case.  It's functional but it does lack a bit of pizzazz

2.  A lady in Red

This red case I got from Greenhils.  The bright color I love.  However - the iPad once slipped out of it which caused a dent on my iPad.

3.  High Tech Bluetooth Keyboard

This would have been the perfect case for my iPad.  It allows me to use a QWERTY keyboard that communicates with the keyboard via Bluetooth.  The problem with this case is it's weight.  It's too heavy in relation to the overall weight of the iPad.   This is why I leave it at home.

3.  Invisible Shield

This is a Jelly case that you can also see for other electronics.  It helps protect your iPad from scratches.  You don't even notice that it's there.  Of course - the downside of this case is the lack of stand.  

4.  Designer iPad

I bought the Jelly suit for the iPad because it was the only case that the iPad can "wear" and still fit into this designer iPad case from Marc by Marc Jacobs.   So I guess even in the iPad world - you have to be really thin to fit into designer clothing.

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