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Singing Candles Again

I was complaining to the other queens that I am sad that I couldn't sing the way that I used to.  I used to be able to sing and hit the right notes all the time.  I used to sing Bass and Baritone in the glee club.  So I wasn't made to sing the really high notes --- so to be more accurate, I used to be able to hit the right notes within my vocal range.

So what does a guy who longs to revive his so called talent do in this day and age of the Internet and the iPod?   You look for YouTube tutorials or Apple iPad and iPhone apps to help you.  I searched for a vocalization app and I found the "Sing Like a Pro" app on the iPad/iPhone.  I warmed up my voice before trying to sing another track in the Glee App.  Here is the result.

What do you think?  You heard my other recordings?  Do I sound better this time?

Glee by Smule: Only on iPhone

Listen to my latest recording:
This track was created


for the iPhone

Magic Piano

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