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Wearing wingtips make me feel like a real grown up.  That's an odd thing for someone who is almost forty.  However - if you've seen my posts on Glee, and my gadgets and other seemingly juvenile topics, you will understand that I don't really feel all grown up.

I don't have a lot of shoes - compared to my women friends.  However - for a guy - I do have a lot.  I've trimmed it down significantly and I have handed down some pairs to my family and friends.  So now - I'm down to basics.  Two pairs of black leather shoes.  Three pairs of sneakers.  Two pairs of loafers.  One pair of brown leather shoes.   I've been thinking of buying burgundy shoes - but I am not sure if that's too eighties or nineties.  I've also been thinking about buying a pair of Doc Martens - since I've been seeing a lot of them lately and I loved my old pair.

Out of all of these shoes - my favorite pair is my brown wingtip shoes.  I have a friend who used to say that seeing a man wearing wingtips make him look sexy.  I'm not really sure I agree with her.  If a man looks like a troll - I can't think of any footwear that can make him look sexy.  

This is the pair that I have.  I need to buy new shoe laces.  I think Midori nibbled on them.  But I should stop blaming her for it because - worn out laces had always been my problem even when I didn't have a dog.

As I said --- wearing these shoes make me feel like a grown up.  So - I must ask myself - should I balance it out by finally getting those Doc Martens - to make me feel like a College student when I want to throw out all the cares that I have out the window?

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