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Adora - My Happy Place

Adora at Greenbelt 5 is what I call my Happy Place.  It's the place I go to when I want to be surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people.  Please take note that I don't buy a lot from Adora.  I do think that their mark-up on their merchandise is a bit too steep.    But that's alright - since they make up for it in great service and great ambience.  When I do take out my credit card in the store - I don't feel bad at all.  I know it goes to ensuring that this happy place stays open.

When I don't feel like doing my own shopping,  I just go there to accompany the other queen and I just sit comfortably on one of their pretty chairs.  I was actually thinking to myself - when I build my own house - I will drag the interior designer to Adora and tell him - I want my house to look like this.  From the foyer, to the salon, to the bathroom, the closet and the bedroom.   

You my dear readers - where is your Happy Place?


  1. Happy place? Anywhere we are is our humans' Happy Place, I assume. I do know that it's Sunday night here and Monday mornings do not bring them to their Happy Place.

  2. Well said Lola and Franklin. That is true for me too. Wherever Char Siew and Midori are - that's also a happy pplace - in fact - I think it's what I call heaven.