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The AluPen from Just Mobile

Ever since I got the iPad and the Note Taker HD, I have been looking for the perfect capacitive stylus to go with it. I have tried brands from Targus and Pogo and found that they do the job but not quite all the time. While I was at the Hong Kong international airport, another stylus caught my eye. This time it's from Just Mobile. The name of the stylus is AluPen. It is priced 10 HK$ more than the other brands and it brags that it is Editor's choice from iCreate. So I bought it for 175 HK$.

My verdict - it is the best stylus I have bought. It is sensitive enough that it never misses a stroke but not too sensitive that I end up with unwanted strokes on my document. The only complaint I have is it's weight. It is a bit heavy for me. But I guess those who are used to heavy expensive pens won't mind its weight.

So my dear readers, who are also iPad enthusiasts, I think I found the best iPad Stylus in Just Mobile's AluPen.

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