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Brunch at PS Cafe at Dempsey Hill

On our first visit to Singapore last November, our host brought us immediately to Dempsey Hill for brunch.  She wanted to show us PS Cafe - but unfortunately the cafe opens at 11:00 AM on weekdays - so we went to another restaurant.   This time - we were there for the weekend - so it was open for brunch.  I was actually happy that our guest brought us to PS Cafe.  It was a wonderful restaurant with a wonderful menu and a magnificent ambiance.   Think of the Real housewives of LA and you will see them here.  It seems like the expatriate community hang out at this place. 

We were definitely happy campers after brunch.

If my house had a patio - I would imagine it to look like this - Air Conditioned too!

Eggs Benedict Anyone?

I love their blueberry pancakes.

Poached Egg and Portobello Stack - this is Divine.

My friend's favorite is their carrot cake.

Am I the only one who wonders how the brown and white sugar are segregated?

The Taxi Card.  They will not call a taxi for you - but they made sure you can quickly call them.

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