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Dining in Hong Kong

Visitors to Hong Kong equate the city to glorious Chinese Food – and rightfully so.  We Filipinos are no strangers to good Chinese Food.  However a visit to this island actually opens up our taste buds to what Chinese Food tastes like from where it originally came from.

This post however is not about the Chinese Food.  We have had a lot of them during my recent trip.  What this is about is a couple of International Cuisine that can also be found in the island: Thai Food and Italian Food.

For Thai Food, we were able to check out Café Y Taberna.  We ordered familiar dishes like Pad Thai and Pomelo Salad.  Those were magnificent.  I love them.,  We also thought we’d try something exotic.  We ended up having this Fish Soup which is like Tom Yum Goong.  But it is also very similar to the Filipino Dishes Sinigang and Paksiw.




For Italian food – we had Pizza Express.  I know – that’s not really Italian.  It really is Americanized Italian – found in a Chinese city.  So it’s a bit confused.  We had Canneloni and Pizza.  I must say that both dishes tasted good.



For Coffee Shops – skip Starbucks.  I don’t have anything against Starbucks – but I did find an alternative in Hong Kong.  It’s called Café Habitu.  I remember dining in Habitu restaurant in TST on my first visit to Hong Kong.  Apparently the restaurant is closed but the Café survived.  There are lots of them around the City and I’m sure you’ll love their coffee and treats as I did.


So if you are in Hong Kong and you’ve been having Chinese Dishes everyday.  I totally recommend trying out the other nation’s restaurants.  If you’re lucky like me – you’ll end up with a pleasant surprise find.

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