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Don't Tell my Trainer I Pigged out at Cafe Juanita

I have heard many good things about Cafe Juanita.  A lot of food bloggers and critics rave about the Filipino dishes of the restaurant.  I am usually skeptical about Filipino Food restaurants because I grew up having great Filipino food cooked by my mom.   So when a restaurant serves Filipino food -- I ask - how good can it really be apart from what I grew up with?

I was pleasantly surprised that the dishes we ordered from Cafe Juanita did not disappoint.  They were comfort food - Filipino style.   I will definitely come back.  

I ordered Iced Milk Tea with Cinnamon.  This was just Ok. But I like the way it was served.

This is Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  They used Longaniza for the meat.

On the Left is Bagnet.  On the Right is Kare Kare.  Definitely something you should try.

I wanted sopas ( or elbow macaroni soup ).  They didn't have it.  So I ordered Pansit Molo.

This is Cafe Americano.  The way it was served makes sense. They served the espresso separate from the hot water.

If you like Toffee Pudding.  This you should have.  Heavenly.

Even their Casava Cake was awesome.

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