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The visit to Cafe Juanita brought back a lot of memories of visits to my relatives in Cainta and Nasugbu.  Those are the "provinces" that my family comes from --- there are others - but those two are the places we visited while I was growing up.  Part of it is due to the food that we had.  I wrote in yesterday's post that Cafe Juanita's food is home cooked meal that my lola, mama, auntie, uncle and others will cook.  However - what really got me into a nostalgic mood is the decor and the ambiance of the restaurant.

It is definitely Pinoy ( Filipino ).  It's a hodge-podge of different styles.  On one wall you will find an Impressionist print.  Next to it is an abstract painting.  Next to it is African art.  They even have Christmas lanterns and Christmas tree in the restaurant.  The lamps were covered with sashes and scarves.  The chairs were dressed up.  Even the menu is covered with artwork.

The decor's was even accentuated with the music that was being played.  They were playing music that my father and grandmother listened to every Sunday.  They were playing songs like "Tennessee Waltz", "Bus Stop", and many others whose titles I can't recall.

I think that for Balikbayans (homecoming Filipinos) - this restaurant is perfect.  If you have any relatives coming from any part of the world - take them to Cafe Juanita.  I'm sure you will find it's the perfect restaurant to feel perfectly at home. 

Cafe Juanita Menu with painting
The table setting.

Cafe Juanita Lamps covered in Kerchiefs.

Dressed up Chairs at Cafe Juanita

Dressed up Chairs at Cafe Juanita

Is that African Artwork?  Not sure.

The table cloth up close.  My grandmother used to make these.

Wood Furniture

They even dressed up the Airconditioning unit.  Very Pinoy no?

It's Christmas everyday at Cafe Juanita

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