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Jurong Bird Park

Our recent trip to Singapore was done mainly to watch the Lion King production at the City State.  However - since we have to spend on the flight - we opted to stay 2 extra days apart from the show day last Saturday. One of those days was spent with the birds.  Yup - we visited the Jurong Bird Park.  Singapore is very close to the equator - so - when it's hot in Singapore - even us Filipinos find it too hot.   However - it was well worth it as we spotted many colorful and interesting birds at the park.

Yes - they have Penguins.  I'm happy that they can survive the heat - but I do hope they're healthy even in this tropical weather.

Flamingos - up close.

These ducks seem to be really healthy.

They offer an electric train that will take you around the park.   Here it is with a Pelican who seem to be running away from it.

The Pelican lake with this lonesome Pelican. 

I am not sure what these are.  But we crossed paths - and I was delighted that we did. 

More Ducks - who seem to be eating ticks from their feathers.

Most birds are not in cages - but this eagle is in a cage.   A big one - but still a cage.

To be honest - I don't know what kind of bird this is.

The entrance to the park.

A love bird.

Parrots welcoming the guests.

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