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Lusso in Adora

I have always wanted to try the in-store cafe of Adora.  In my mind - having afternoon tea is the closest that I can be to having tea in my house's salon.  Last weekend - I was finally able to do it.  I was actually surprised that when they served us Iced Water - the coaster has the word Lusso on it.  That makes sense.  Lusso is known for it's luxurious ambiance.  So it definitely fits into the overall experience shopping experience of Adora.

For my first time at Lusso in Adora, I ordered the Pecan Tart and the Strawberry Trifle.  Can I just say that one bite into the Pecan Tart is simply orgasmic.  It's food that you need to savor till all the flavor is sucked out of it.  Needless to say - I took my sweet time to finish it.    The Strawberry Trifle is a close runner up.   In fact, taking a bite on the tart then grabbing a spoonful of the trifle one after the other is just a divine experience.

Cafe in Adora is Lusso

Rock Sugar to sweeten your coffe.  Brown and White

Cafe Americano from Lusso

Cafe Latte from Lusso

Pecan Tart from Cafe in Lusso

Strawberry Trifle from Lusso

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