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Trams in Hong Kong

During her assignment in Hong Kong,  one of the queens stayed at Johnston Road and as she steps out of her apartment building, there is a stop for the Hong Kong trams.  This allowed her to explore Hong Kong using this form of transportation which had been there since 1898.  Manila had trams pre-war.   Now - we no longer have any traces of the trams - not even the tracks. 

I took a lot of pictures of the trams.  They are good photo subjects.  They are colorful and interesting.  In fact, they remind me of the Jeepneys in Manila.  However - I think they are better because they have to run on tracks ( which means they can't drive crazy like the Jeepneys ).

Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong Tram Fare is 2 HK $

White Hong Kong Tram

Red Hong Kong Tram

Black and Yellow Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong Tram to Eternity

Green Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong Tram in Day Time

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