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Battling the Salagubang

After a tiring day at the beach, the queens were ready to turn in.  The sun has just set.   We entered our cottage and found insects on the cottage floor.  They looked like cockroaches - but they're not.  I thought they looked like salagubang  or june beetles.  I used to play with them when I was a kid.  Now that I'm all grown up - I can't even hold them.    We were actually fine with them on the floor ... then one of them started whizzing next to us and we were officially scared of them.

Light Attracts the Salagubang. 
So we asked the care takers of the resort if they can help us.  Maybe use an insecticide to kill them.  They said - that the insecticide might work but the best way of dealing with them is to switch the lights off.  Apparently - salagubangs are attracted to light.  They are also found in mango trees ( and there were a lot of them around the area ).  I checked the internet - and they were right.

It's common to find them on Mango Trees.

We actually wanted to continue the night by catching up on our readings --- but the salagubangs were really freaking us out - so we switched off the lights - and went to bed.  Before going to sleep - I said a little prayer - praying that the salagubangs do not come onto my bed while I was sleeping.

They were tiny salagubang. And yet - they freak us out. What if they fly into our ears or mouth?

I'm just happy there are none of these in the city.

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