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A Beautiful Day

Last weekend, Daddy brought us to the beach.  We had fun.  But I discovered two important things about myself.  The first revelation is that I can swim.  The second revelation is that I don't like the water.  Daddy tried to lure me onto the water but the only way that he was able to get me in is by carrying me like a baby and letting me go when the water is deep enough for me to swim.   Char Siew is the same way.

All in all though - it was fun times for us.   Daddy, Char Siew and I had a really good bonding experience. I discovered new plants to eat while grazing through the resort.  I also heard sounds that I have never heard in the city.  Daddy says those are birds, geckos, and other animals who live outside of the city.

I have tons of pictures to share - but I thought it would be good to start with this video.  By the end of this video - you will see me - sleeping and snoring after all the excitement.

Blogger's Note: A blog post by Midori the Beagle

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  1. What an awesome adventure! And how neat that they allowed dogs. Mom is booking us a vacation at a dog friendly place this summer too. I just hope she doesn't make me get in the water...