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Laiya Coco Grove

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Laiya, a set on Flickr.

Coco Grove in Laiya Batangas is one of our best discoveries this summer. It is actually the result of our search for a resort that will allow us to take our two dogs on a beach vacation.   Coco Grove is a Pet Friendly resort in the Philippines.

The resort has access to the beach, a pool, a nature trail, and a zip line. 

There are three choices for your accommodation: the poolside rooms, the beach side tree houses, and if you feel like roughing it - the tents. We opted for the poolside room. The rooms had air conditioning. However - they don't have TV. There is wi-fi at the dining area.

Part of the package are breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was not great but it was ok. We paid 2700++ per person.

All in all - it was a good resort. I'd recommend it for families and groups of friends ( and those with dogs ) to check it out.

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