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Dining Before Super 8

Saturday was a really rainy day in Manila.  Nothing much you can do during rainy days but stay indoors.  So we decided to watch Super 8.  I told the queens that I read somewhere that it's a "heart-warming" movie.  They gave me strange looks and asked - how a suspense-thriller can be "heart-warming".  After the movie - they will not agree with me when I said - "See - it is a heart-warming movie."   Of course I'm strange like that.  I almost cried in the Predator vs. Alien Movie -- when the Predator acknowledged the human soldier as a warrior and spared her life.

Back to Super 8 - I told the other queens that watching Super 8 seems like watching tidbits of old movies like: "ET", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Men In Black", and other Steven Spielberg movies.  Don't you think that scene when the boy let go of his locket is a mashed up version of ET and CE3K?  Again - the other queens look at me as if I'm speaking a foreign language.

Anyways - I'm not here to talk about Super 8.  I'm here to talk about what I ate before we went to the cinema.  I wanted comfort food on this rainy day so we went to Kitchen.  We noticed that Kitchen seems to be the new Se-gay-fredo.   For those who can recall - the coffee shop Segafredo used to have gay men hanging out and having dinner before they head out to the clubs.  Kitchen - that night - seems to be like that.   Almost all of the patrons of the restaurant are gay.

So what did I order?  I had fried ribs.  We also had that banana-pie-thingy.   After eating what we ordered - I felt comfort  Which was good.  Being comfortable before the suspense-filled Super 8 movie helped a lot to get through the scary and frightening scenes of the movie.


  1. Or a bit of Goonies? Was this why Goonies was shown on cable last week? :-)

  2. Oh my God! You're right Dale ... It is like Goonies. I was actually thinking of Stand by Me but now that you mentioned it Goonies is a lot more similar to Super 8.