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Glorious Dining at Tin Hau

For the queens, Mandarin Oriental is the hotel to go when we want to indulge in really good food.  Tivoli restaurant is definitely our first choice.  However - the other restaurants - especially the Chinese Restaurant Tin Hau is a close second.   Last weekend - we had a great treat since Mandarin Oriental brought a Michelin Star chef to Tin Hau.  I am referring to Chef Takase of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo's Sense restaurant.

We opted for the seven course meal.  It is a glorious meal that definitely ranks pretty high in our ranking of dining experience around the world.  

Chef Takase of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo's Sense restaurant.

This is a combination of many oriental dishes.  Cantonese style roast pork, Hainanese Chicken, Shanghainese style Abalone, and Indian Style Acar.

This Roast Pork is wonderful.  Great texture and unforgettable flavor.

The Abalone dish is refreshing.

Shark's Fin soup.   For me - what made it better than your typical Shark's Fin soup is the Egg Tofu which you can find at the bottom of the cup.

This is our first time to taste Yuzu pepper sauce.  The scallops go really well with the Yuzu pepper sauce.

This is my least favorite dish.  The Steamed Grouper Fillet.   However - I must come clean and confess that I'm not fond of steamed fish.

This is a very inventive dish.  You see that white gravy?  It's Taro potato.  Mixing the beef, pepper and the Taro Potato is heavenly.

Of course - a Chinese inspired meal is not complete without the Rice served at the end of the meal.   This is salmon fried rice.

This is the refreshing dessert made of Watermelon Puree with Basil Seeds Gel-o and Mint.

Complimentary Japanese sweets to end the meal.  Mochi and Azuki Beans anyone?  I was full by this time but I wolfed these down.  They were yummy.

Complimentary Starter Drink.  This is Gel-O with a hint of lemon.  Definitely opened our palate at the start of the meal.

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