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Kanin Club

Kanin is the Filipino word for Rice.  It's actually very close to the word Kain - which is the Filipino word for eat.  I think that's very appropriate since without kanin - a lot of us Filipinos do not feel like eating.   So - I guess - having a restaurant which revolves around rice - is bound to be a hit for the Filipino foodie.

This is Green Mango Salad.  It's similar to the Thai version.  Kanin Club's version is good.  They used pickled mango - which works because it lessens the sourness of the mango.

What goes well with Kanin?  Bagoong ( or Shrimp Paste ).  The Bagoong is good.  However, the pork is between crispy and soft - which I think could be remedied by having smaller pieces of pork.

I don't eat this dish.  This is Dinuguan ( or Blood Stew ).  It is literally made out of Blood.  Kanin club's version uses Crispy Pork.

I'm happy that they serve brown rice.

Am I the only one who likes eating dessert while having the main course?   I think this Halo-Halo is one of the best Halo-Halo in town.  Its not just beans and jelly.  It actually has banana, camote, ube, and all other ingredients that Halo-Halo should have.

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