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Let's Play!

Midori: Let's play Char Siew!

Char Siew:  I thought you'd never ask.  I've been waiting for you to start it.

Midori: Char Siew - it seems like you're still growing.  I don't remember you being this tall.

Char Siew:  Yes - I'm still growing.  Which means - I might win our wrestling match this time.

Midori: That's what you think.  Since I'm older - I have some tricks up my sleeve.

Char Siew: Gotcha!

Midori: NO Char Siew.  I gotcha!

Char Siew:  BAWL.  I think I hurt my nose.

Midori:  That was tiring.
Char Siew:  Yeah - but it was fun.

Char Siew:  I think I'm so tired - that I need to sleep now.  Till next time Midori.

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