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Pictures from my Archive

I have never been that interested in taking pictures when I was younger.  I didn't own a camera till I was 30 years old.  In fact - I didn't even own it.  I shared it with one of the queens.  Today - I have invested a little bit more time - that I thought I would - in learning how to take good pictures.  It all started last year - when I started my blog.  I realized that with the right pictures one can say a thousand words.

I went through my "Miscellaneous" picture folder at found these three photos that I thought are interesting.  I think all of them were taken using a camera phone. 

June 12 was Philippine Independence Day.  These are Filipino-themed T-shirts being sold at Greenhills.  To be honest - I no longer know what being a Filipino means to me.

Don't walk! Strut.

This is a Minah bird.  It can mimic any sound.  I'm actually torn when I see an exotic bird in a cage.  Should I let it free? But isn't it safer in this cage where it's human can take care of it?

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