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PS Cafe. One more Time

What do you do when you discover a good restaurant in a place that you're visiting?   You dine in that restaurant more than once.  You just don't know when you will crave for its great food - that it's best to come back for it right before you head back home.

That's exactly what we did in PS Cafe.   We were there for lunch on Monday.  It seems like it is the favorite destination of expatriates - and their wives.  I swear - some of the women in the restaurant look like the "characters" in the "Real" housewives franchise: tall, tan, with an Hermes bag, and botoxed.  

Fries in Truffle Oil anyone?

PS Cafe Salad - Fresh and Delish

Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Sole Fish

The Busboys remind me of the actors form the Chinese Soap Operas..

Sticky Date Pudding.  Nowhere else can you find this - apart from Australia and apparently Singapore.

PS Cafe - I will miss you.


  1. Trying to play catch-up on your posts, and all I can think about is how hungry I am now. Lol

  2. Hi Laney. Thanks for visiting. I have another food related post tomorrow - but I have a special post on Midori on Saturday. It's cute. :D The food post - is due to my travel to Singapore and Hong Kong which have really great restaurants.