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Searching for the Titanic

Titanic is the name of my iPod Touch.  It's supposed to be a pun - Synching Titanic.  I had too many Apple gadgets that I was running out of names for them.  Anyways - that's not the point of this blog post.   I can't find Titanic.  

The last time I saw it - was last night - when I was using Grindr - telling a guy that Char Siew's name is short for Char Siew Pao - because he looked like a Char Siew Pao when he was a baby.   I had to explain what Char Siew Pao is because he didn't recognize what Char Siew meant.  Char Siew Pao is the actual name of the Chinese delicacy that we Pinoys call Sio Pao.   I hope my Titanic is inside our house - and I just can't find it.  Otherwise - I'll be stuck using Grindr on my iPad - which is just too big for chatting.

The map above is from Mobile Me's Find my iPod/iPhone/iPad.  It was able to locate the iPod early morning - which means it's in the vicinity of a wifi signal.  I have locked it for now. I may have to look all over my pad and check that it's not here.  Actually my fear is that Midori got hold of the iPod Touch and threw it outside the window.  

Oops!  There goes Titanic.

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