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Terry's Selection

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon - and we couldn't think of anything exciting to do.  We also didn't have a car in the House of Queens - as it was at the Service Center undergoing major surgery.  So - we thought of just dining in one of the restaurants in the neighborhood.   We chose Terry's Selection.  

I wanted to have some wine - so I ordered a glass of their house White wine.  I never learn.  The house wine is almost always not good.  I wish the other queens drink wine so I can order a bottle of wine that I like.

This look like fried Dim Sum.  It's not.  It has ham and cheese inside.  I thought it was just ok. 

This is what I ordered.  A Fruti de Mare pasta dish.  I like the way it was cooked.  However - I think my allergy is on hyperactive mode these days.  I should really stop eating seafoods until this allergy thing stops.

Lamb dish anyone?  I don't eat lamb.  I don't like the after taste.  Maybe I can develop a taste for it?  Who am I kidding?  I can't even take the taste of dark meat in Chicken. 

Trying to have a healthy salad for dinner.

Offsetting the Salad selection with this Chocolate dessert.  It was solid - solid as a rock.

Terry's Selection - at the ground floor of Lafayette in Salcedo Village.

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