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Titanic has been Found

I told you I'm innocent.  You didn't believe me. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
I found Titanic (my iPod).  To be more accurate, the Nanny found it.

Titanic's location.

I have been looking for my iPod since last Friday night.  I remember using it in the house - then I left to pick up one of the queens - then when I came back - I can't find it.

I activated the Find my iPhone application on my iPad - and I can see that the iPod is in my house.  But wherever it is in the house - the signal is weak because it sometimes disappears from the radar.  From the iPad app - I triggered a message that will play a sound on the iPod for 2 minutes so I can use it to track it down.  No luck.

Mobile me confirmation that the iPod was found.

Tonight - the Nanny must have been frustrated with my incessant questions on whether she saw it.  She went through all my bags - and found it in the bag that I was using all weekend.  It seems like the bag has a couple of secret pockets since both of us did look inside that bag since Friday.

Oh well - it's a good thing that I found the iPod.  I was seriously contemplating on getting an iPhone to replace it.  That's an expense that I don't need to have right now.

XS - I want to apologize to Midori because I thought she threw it out the window.

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