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Cinemalaya 2011 - Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa

Today is the opening weekend of Harry Potter 7 - Part 2.  Everyone in Manila are queueing up for the last Harry Potter movie.  I chose a different movie to watch today.  I made reservations a week ago to one Cinemalaya 2011's feature movie: "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa".   I confess that I watched the movie because it features not one but two men that I think are the most beautiful men in Philippine Showbizness today.   That's why I was happy when apart from watching the movie - I was able to take pictures with both of them.  Of course - after looking at my photo - I regret not getting the haircut that morning so I can be more presentable in the photos.  Anywayz - bygones.

Rocco Nacino

Paulo Avelino
Watching the movie brought back memories of literature classes in high school and college.  It brought back memories of me struggling in my freshman year at Ateneo - under Dr. Barrameda's English class.  It also brought back memories of triumph in the Filipino lit classes.   I guess I did understand and appreciate the written Filipino word than the written English word.

The blogger and Rocco Nacino

"Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Paa" is a lovely movie.  I enjoyed watching it and not just because the two leading men were beautiful on screen.  I was actually drawn into the story and the symbolism that each scene portrays.   I find it refreshing to watch a movie where the theme is not in your face.   As a viewer - you would have to pay attention to what the characters are saying.  You have have to pay attention to each movement - to piece them all together.   I must admit - the subtitles in English helped a bit in understanding the movie.  If there are two things that I think this movie should be celebrated for - one is it's cinematography.  The other one is the perfect use of language - in Filipino and in the English translation.   I've seen Filipino movies before and only in this movie have I seen the English sub-titles so accurate.   What is even more amazing is how it preserved the poetry that is conveyed in the Filipino words spoken by the actors.

Paulo plays the role of Marlon.  A rich student who enrolls into a dance class because of a crush for his teacher.
Rocco plays the role of Dennis.  He was hired by Marlon as a dance tutor.

Jean Garcia was a pleasure to watch.  She reminds me of a lot of my teachers growing up.  I remember as a child, I would wonder how some teachers ( the good ones ) were always a step ahead of you.  Of course - as a grown up you discover why.  As a teacher - you see the same behavior from each batch of kids you teach - over and over again.

Blogger and Paulo Avelino

As for the two leading men - I applaud them for taking a challenging role.  Of course - it's not easy to take a role where you have to act like a classically trained dancer.   You will have to feel comfortable under your own skin - and shed your worries of people questioning your sexuality.   Paulo - playing the rich student who is infatuated with his teacher is well cast.  At times - I wished he could have expressed a lot more emotion in the scenes.  However - I think that if we are to think of his character as a spoiled rich kid --- then I guess it's ok for him to look bored in what he's doing.   Rocco - on the other hand handled his role very well.   As a dancer - I think he has a lot more grace than Paulo.   As an actor - I can definitely feel the pain in his eyes during the scenes where he felt deeply hurt from the unrequited love.

Leaving the cinema - I told myself - I definitely want to watch the movie again.  I felt that watching it once only allowed me to scratch the surface of the story and the characters.   In my opinion - maybe after two or three times of watching it --- a lot more of its beauty will be revealed.  However - even with one viewing - I do find that it's a lovely movie.

Cinemalaya runs through July 23 in Greenbelt 3 and CCP.  


  1. Sounds interesting, but i don't understand if rocco and paulo's characters fall in love during the movie. Do you know when will it be released in dvd?

  2. I think part of what I liked about the movie is that it didn't give straight answers to these questions. Did Marlon and Dennis fall in love? Dennis is obviously in love with Marlon but did Marlon have that revelation in the end? In fact that was one of the questions in one scene. Jean Garcia's character asked the two, "What's up with the two of you?" The two boys were puzzled with the question.

    This is why, like you, I will be waiting for the DVD. Too many questions unanswered. Or are they? Maybe it was revealed in the movie and I just wasn't paying attention.

  3. thanks for the reply