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Doggy Diet is Working

Daddy tricked Char Siew and me today.  We thought he was taking us to Grandma and Grandpa.  We always enjoy our visits to their house because Grandma gives us a lot of noms.  When we started to turn towards the Vet's clinic - I was dismayed and I could sense Char Siew's panic.   I don't mind Vet visits.  Char Siew abhors it.

When we were getting ready for the Vet check up,  we were lead by the attendant to the weighing scale.  Everyone in the clinic was amused when I casually got onto the weighing scale.   Of course - I was thinking, "Hello.  I'm a grown up dog.  I know what a weighing scale is."    I'm happy to report that although I'm still overweight - I actually lost three pounds since last Vet visit.   So I guess - the Beagle diet is working.

Midori the Beagle lost weight.

Now that I lost some weight - can I have more noms and treats as my reward?  No?   Argghhh.  I want Noms!

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