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Early Morning Meal at Whistle Stop

Which is your favorite 24 hour Diner?   Mine is Whistlestop.   This is why I was one happy camper when they reopened in Makati last year.   They retained their old menu and added some dishes that I don't recall them having ( e.g. the Munggo ).  The decor has also changed.  They now look like a modern train station instead of their western style train station in the past.

They fixed up the place again.  They made the smoking area bigger.   

I love corn.  Especially when they're served off the cob.  I wonder where Whistlestop buys their corn from.  It's sweet and yummy.

They say that a healthy meal should have brown, read and green.  So I guess this multi-colored Nachos dish is a healthy dish.

Another dish meant for lazy folks like me.   This one is boneless Buffalo wings.  I like the Buffalo wings.  I don't like the supposed Blue Cheese dressing.  It actually tasted more like Mayo rather than blue cheese.

An innovative dish from Whistlestop.   Salpicao pasta.

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