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Gigil is a Filipino word that does not have an English translation.  To explain what it means - I need to show you this picture of my two dogs:

If you are like me, when you see this picture, you most probably had a strong urge to pinch their cute faces - and while doing it - you feel your jaws clench.   That feeling - is what gigil is.

If you look at this photo of Macchiato and me - you will notice that my jaws are clenched.  I was trying to smile - but it didn't like I was smiling.  In fact it looked like i was strangling Macchiato.  I couldn't help it.  I was feeling gigil for one of my babies.

Gigil is not always a positive feeling.  It can also refer to the same jaw clenching feeling you experience when you seething mad at someone or something.  You clench your jaws - your open hand becomes a fist.  It's as if the anger is being held up inside - building up and ready to explode.    I do feel this sometimes.  As much as I can help it - I try to minimize these hateful gigil times.


  1. Mom feels that wanting-to-squeeze gigil for any wrinkly pup face.
    Your pups are incredibly cute. I love that top picture. Can't believe they posed like that for you!
    We need to stick my face in the middle and it could be a cool transitional pic like mom had to draw in art class years ago. Hehe.

  2. Hello Laney. How are you? On that top picture ... It's a product of patience. I had to tire them out waling around the mall and when they're tired they stay still for their photo.

    BTW. I also feel gigil when I see your photos. You're such a lovely dog.