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I'm Hooked - Must Go back to Mercato Centrale

Growing up my mother warned me from eating street food.  Every so often - I will try to have street food in the form of Fish Balls, Banana Cue, or the burger stall at the corner of Taft Avenue and P. Faura.  Every time I indulge in this forbidden act - I will feel either feel guilty of once again disobeying my mother or I feel afraid that I might succumb to the supposed diseases that I can get from the street food.

As a grown up - my fear of street food was heightened when my sister did get hepatitis from eating Isaw ( or barbecued intestines ).  So from then on - I just stopped eating street food altogether.  Even Jollijeep - I stay away from.  However, there are moments that I would want to try them out.  

Last Friday - we thought of going to this place called Mercato Centrale.  It's not really street food - but it is a tent full of different food choices from street food to gourmet dishes.  It's organized by one of the famous food blogger's of the Philippines: Anton Diaz.  We met Anton a couple of years back when we joined the Ultimate Food Pampanga tour.  The thing with Anton is that he's so passionate about food - but he himself doesn't cook.  However - I think that he does have a keen sense of what is good food and what is not.  That talent - is manifested in the food that is available in Mercato Centrale.

We didn't order a lot during this visit - but I must say that what we did order was excellent.   We promised ourselves that we will come back for more next time.

These are the dishes we ordered:

Pan de Bagnet from Bale Dutung.  This is heaven wrapped in a pork roll.  They slice it and make a sandwich out of it.  They then combine greens with Ilocano Vinegar.  Just thinking of it make my mouth water.

I love corn.  This one is even better than plain corn.  It's flavored corn.  They offer it in Cheese, Barbecue,  Plain and Sour Cream.

Those are Taco Shells.  They're not shaped in Triangles - they actually look like Rose Cups

The Tacos have that special mixture of flavors that stay in your mind long after you've gobbled up the whole thing.  You will notice the ingenious way that it's served.  They use Egg-Cartons.  Makes it easier to carry as you wander around the are looking for other things to devour.
Asadong Tenga ( Char Siew Pork Ears ).  Sounds delicious - but I wasn't able to try it.

Asadong Isaw ( Char Siew Intestines ).  I don't like intestines but one of the queens love Isaw.  She said this Isaw is as delicious as the other items we ordered.

A meal is not complete without dessert.  They had dessert stalls everywhere.

What we ended up ordering is Creme Brûlée Bread pudding. 
Mercato Centrale is located at Fort Bonifacio.  They are open on weekends starting Friday Evening.   If you love food and you want to try something new or you want to see creative ways of classical dishes you enjoy - I encourage you to visit it.  You will definitely enjoy it.

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