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Mr. Rockefeller before Monte Carlo

I've never been to Mr. Rockefeller.  It's a slightly upscale version of Oyster Boy.  I'm sorry - but it's true - since it is partly owned by Oyster Boy creator: Marvin Agustin. 

They recently renovated and their decor reminds me of the New Orleans restaurant.  I like the decor.  It was very masculine.  I guess - if Rockefeller was a middle class Filipino - his restaurant will look like this.

One of the queens dragged me to the restaurant for lunch before we went to see Monte Carlo.  I'll talk about the movie after I tell you about the food.

We started with the Tagaytay Greens salad.  I'm not really sure what the dressing was - but it's marvelous.   I still don't know how most Filipinos could not eat salad.  They definitely are missing on a lot of yummy dishes.  

I have good news and bad news for the drink that I ordered.  The good news is that I'm sure the bartender did not taste this drink.  The bad news is that it tasted really blah.  It doesn't seem like they used sweet grapes.  It needed some sweetener.  Had the bar tender tasted this drink - it wouldn't have tasted like that.

The restaurant's specialty is its garlic noodles.  We tried Garlic Noodles with the Garlic Prawns and we also tried the Garlic Noodles with the Chicken Fillet.  Oh ... My ... God.  Those noodles were good.   I skipped the prawns because my allergic reaction to sea food seems to be acting up recently.  It wasn't a waste though because the Chicken Fillet was good.  We had limited time to dine ... so I had to eat the dish quickly - but I tried to savor the flavor as much as I could.

If you don't trust my word about the noodles - you should try the buttered corn.  It was great.

After the lunch - we rushed to the Greenbelt Cinema to go to that afternoon's main attraction - which is the movie - "Monte Carlo".  I liked the movie.  However - I think I love Mr. Monteith in a suit ... not in truck driver outfit.   It's a feel good chick movie. I'm not sure though which one sounded worse - the British accent of Selena Gomez or the Texan accent of Katie Cassidy.

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