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Rainy Day

What can a dog do on rainy days?

Look at all that water falling down from the sky.  The streets are wet.

I get bored just lying down on our couch.

I can try to dream of chasing after the neighborhood cats.  But I can only dream so much.

Maybe I should ask Uncle Ryan to play with me.

This is our favorite game.  Jump and reach for the treat.  I'm very good at this game.

Trip the light fantastic ... I don't understand what that means -but they say that's what I do when I play this game.

Delicious Noms come to me.

Maybe I should beg and be cute by "Sitting Up"

That was tiring.  Time for me to go back to daydreaming.  The rain has not stopped.

Blogger's Note: A guest post from Midori the Beagle

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