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Sango is a Japanese style diner which serves burgers.  They are not your ordinary burgers - they put a little bit of twist on it.  For example, we ordered the rice patty burger.  Instead of a bread patty - it is basically made of rice.  I think that's ideal for people who like eating their meat with rice instead of bread.

What I enjoyed the most during our lunch at Sango are the numerous Origami around the store.  They even gave us our own origami when they served our food. 

You can find Sango at Rockwell - Power Plant mall.

Can you tell which ones are real and which ones are fake?

What makes a Sango burger?

Flying Bird.


The origami birds that came with our order.

Rice Patty Sandwich

Chicken Burger

Burger with Origami

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  1. Yummy. the regular hamburger + fries is perfect for me! =)