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Seattle's Best Breakfast

Have you seen the new campaign of Seattle's Best?  It features one of my favorite boys: JC Tiuseco.  I have actually cut down on my daily coffee intake.  However - I'm willing to have a cup of decaffeinated Americano - at the neigborhood Seattle's Best Coffee and catch a glimpse of the life sized picture of Survivor Philippines hottie - JC Tiuseco.   For me - he is one hot cup of Papa Joe.

Photo from Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines website

Penciled into our Saturday calendar this week is the opening weekend of the gay-campy remake of Joey Gosengfiao's Temptation Island.  This remake originally caught my attention because it was going to feature two of my showbiz crushes: Aljur Abrenica and Paulo Avelino.  When I learned that Paulo Avelino had to turn down the role because he had pneumonia during the movie's shoot - I was extremely disappointed.    That disappointment did not last long because I learned that he has an Indie movie where he shares top-billing with another showbiz-hottie Rocco Nacino.  That movie - we will watch next weekend.

Paulo was replaced in his temptation island role by Mikael Daez.  Incidentally - Mikael Daez's life-size image is also found in the Seattle's Best store.   On one side is JC - and on the flip side is Mikael.
Before this blog - turns into a six degrees of JC Tiuseco - I will end it by sharing what I had for breakfast.   I had ham and cheese omelette served with French Toast.  I like SBC's french toast - but I wish they start serving it with syrup.   I'm actually planning to bring my own syrup next time.  How hard can it be to bring a bottle of maple syrup when SBC is so close to the House of Queens.

SBC - Ham & Cheese Omelette with French Toast

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