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Sunflower Seeds Brittle

On our visit to Mercato Centrale,  I found this:  Sunflower Seeds Brittle.  I wanted to try it since I like sunflower seeds and from what I can see through the bottle - it looks like the famous Romana Peanut Brittle from Baguio.   

While writing this blog, I tried to check on any health benefits of eating Sunflower Seeds or if eating it can be a good substitute to eating Peanut Brittle.  I didn't find any article in the internet that can provide that.  Sure - eating sunflower seeds has health benefits - but I seriously doubt that I can say that this is a health snack.  Remember - it is coated with SUGAR.   Too much sugar is not good for you.  So I recommend that you practice moderation when consuming this snack.

As for the taste - I like it.  Using a word that I learned from my Dutch friends ... this food is "lekker".  I know I warned about consuming a lot of it but I confess - I finished one jar in an hour.   I bought two bottles - because they were selling two bottles for 150 pesos.   The second jar remains unopened and I'm saving it for this weekend.

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