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Swirls Frozen Yogurt

I don't like Frozen Yogurt.  I think they're either too sweet or they're too tart for my taste.  But I found a Frozen Yogurt store that I like.  The store's name is Swirls Frozen Yogurt.  It's located at the bridge-way between Greenbelt four and five.  It's next to the Ayala Museum.

This Frozen Yogurt is not tart.  It's actually creamy.  I wonder how much yogurt is in it and how much skim milk is in it.  I guess it doesn't matter - as long as it tastes good. 

Left:  Oreo and Chocolate Syrup on top of Choco and Vanilla Swirl
Right: Strawberry and Pistachio on top of Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

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