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Thai at Silk

Having dinner at Thai at Silk reminds me a lot of Terrace @ 5th.  They have the same decor, their bathroom looks similar and overall - they have the same good service and great cooking.  Of course Thai at Silk serves Thai food and Terrace serves a variety of dishes from the owners' family recipe book. 

We had dinner at Thai at Silk last weekend.  It was our first time and we thought that we had a great meal.  We only had three dishes - so it definitely left a lot of other items in the menu to try next time we are Serendra.

Pomelo Salad.

Rice Krispy patties with Mushroom and Beef spread.  I love this dish.

Pad Thai.  We were actually craving for Pad Thai and we were happy that we tried Thai at Silk's version.  The noodles were fresh and the whole dish was well seasoned.

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