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Chicken Kebab from Relish

I had to drag myself out of bed early last Saturday so I can get to the weekend market at Salcedo Village to grab my regular supplies of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil products.  Thank God the rains have stopped for this weekend.  Of course - you can't have it all and as much as the temperature was not in 100 degree F.  It was still too hot for me to choose to sit outside for my breakfast.

I decided to stay really close to the house of queens for my breakfast.  It wasn't really breakfast because it was already quarter till 11 in the morning.  I wanted to try the breakfast menu of Relish so I went downstairs. The restaurant just opened and I was informed that they no longer serve their breakfast menu.  What is it with restaurants in Manila and their staff when they open the restaurant?  It seems like they don't like their patrons coming in early and the service seems to be not as nice as it is during regular lunch and dinner hours.

I was there for the food though - so I can forgive the not-so-good service given by the waiters.  I decided to get try the Chicken Kebab.  The good news is - the food is as tasty even if it's early in the morning.   I had my quiet - breakfast-lunch --- yeah - I can call it brunch but I don't consider kebab as brunch food.

For those who are interested to try Relish at Ponte --- you can find it on the ground floor of Ponte Salcedo along Valero st.   They open at 11:00 AM on Saturday - but I recommend coming in at noon when I think their service staff is a lot more prepared to take you in.

Chicken Kebab from Relish at Ponte

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