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A Day with Typhoon Mina

Typhoon Mina is in the Philippines.  It has brought strong winds close to its eye and as much as Metro Manila is far away from the eye of the storm - it is still feeling the brunt of the storm with inches and inches of rain.  I like rain however - it does hamper plans for this weekend - which includes long walks with the two dogs.   I did take them out for a walk when it was just raining kittens and puppies.  Char Siew doesn't like water - but he knows that I am relentless when it comes to our daily walks.  So if I say we walk - even if he doesn't want to get wet --- he just follows me.

On this day - I got a new haircut.  I went to the Fix Salon at Greenbelt five.  After that - I had dinner at Relish.  I am really happy that we have a restaurant very close to our house.  While at the restaurant we saw one of the maids of the residents of the condo building of Ponte Salcedo come in ordering food.  It seems like the resident gave instructions that instead of being served on styrofoam - they requested for the food to be properly plated and brought up to their unit.  That totally makes sense.

Times like this - I want to have my comfort food.  So I had mushroom soup and macaroni and cheese.  I also had sparkling wine - it was 650 pesos ( 12 US Dollars ) for a bottle - so I thought might as well load up on alcohol if it's going to be that cheap.

My dear readers - what are you doing on this stormy day/night ( I know the the east coast of the United States is bracing for it's own version of Typhoon Mina --- and there she is called Hurricane Irene ).

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