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Doggie Love at Mercato Centrale

For regular readers of my blog, they all know that they can find two famous categories of blog entries in the House of Queens:  Food and Dogs.  Today - we merge these two by writing about Mercato Centrale's Doggie Love weekend which happens every fortnight.  The last one was on July 31 - so the next event will be on August 14.  

We were at Mercato the night before and it was so crowded that we didn't think it was a good idea to go to the dog event the day after.  However - RJ Ledesma - one of the owners of Mercato Centrale tweeted back at my account indicating that it had wide enough  passage ways for dogs.  Char Siew, Midori and I decided to go to the Doggie Love weekend.

This weekend - they talked about Doggie nutrition.  Midori and Char Siew get appropriate nutrition - but I realize I need to increase Midori's protein intake.  That's good news for Midori.  However - to make sure that she doesn't gain weight - she has to get a lot more vigorous exercise.  This means that she will join me when I jog.

We met up with other dog lovers.  Some of the dogs that we met were Cash, Hunter, Watson, and Meadow.  

For the food?  I think every dish - I've tried had been really good.   I think we will be regular visitors from now on.

Malunggay Taco Shells

Yakitori Balls



  1. my chihuahua cooper is in the background of your daughter's photo ;) she's a sweet girl. nice to have met you!

  2. Hello Cor and Cooper. The girl in the picture is not my daughter. I took their picture because I thought that it showed Doggie Love.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. BTW -- Cooper is really cute :D.