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The Establishment

I have heard of the The Establishment from one of the Food Bloggers back in 2009.  I've always wanted to try the restaurant but I never found the right schedule.  So - I thought that it might be good not to plan the visit and just be spontaneous about it.  I think I exhibited too much spontaneity and ended up going to the restaurant last weekend - dressed up in shorts.  What was I thinking?  It's supposed to be an up-scale "establishment" run and managed by Anton San Diego ( editor in chief of the Philippine Tatler ).   So - I wasn't surprised when the security guard informed us that I was under-dressed for the place.   However - we arrived at 6:00 PM and he will check with the restaurant managers if I can be allowed inside.

They did allow me to enter but they did indicate that we may have to be hidden in one of the booths of "The Hall".  We took a peek of the "Crystal Room" and made a mental note that next time - we will make reservations and try the tasting menu and dine in the Crystal Room.

There's one word to describe the place: Opulent.  I love what they've done to the place.   Although - it was very difficult to see what we're eating since the Hall is really dark.   It doesn't matter though - because what we could not see well - were dishes that really tasted great. 

The twigs on the walls of The Hall.

I had to crank up the ISO of my camera to give you a glimpse of the decor. 
The Establishment has a regular menu but we requested to see the Degustation menu of the Crystal Room.  They have celebrity chefs that change every couple of months.  The regular menu looks like Asian-Fusion.  Of course - the Crystal Room's menu is French Cuisine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the food.  I enjoyed it so much that I was able to forgive one of the restaurant managers who reminded me one-too-many times that he "allowed" us to enter their restaurant even if I was not dressed up for it.  Mr. Manager - I definitely appreciated the gesture - but as I indicated in our conversation - I didn't know if you kept reminding me of it to make me feel uncomfortable about it ( which I didn't ).  Bygones.  Other than that brief uncomfortable discussion - the service at the restaurant was really great.

This is Cottage Cheese and Sweetened Tomato Jelly.  I love it.

You can never go wrong with Pumpkin Soup

Have you had Toasted Mushrooms?  This dish - will give you the opportunity to try it.  When you bite into it - the burst of flavor in your mouth is unbelievable.

Poached Salmon.

I didn't care much for the salmon.  But do you see those Red-Chorizo bits underneath?  When mixed with the salmon - the comibnation just makes this dish glorious.

This Tofu Teriyaki steak is not photogenic.  It doesn't matter - it's the best tofu steak in town.

Layers of Crepe with Pistachio Creme in between.  If you are looking for a  light dessert to end your meal - I suggest trying this.

I love this tea-pot.

I will definitely go back to The Establishment - and next time - I will not forget my dinner jacket.  Hmmm - what will I look like if I wear a dinner jacket with shorts?   :-P

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