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I am not a Hush Puppy

People often call me a cute Hush Puppy.  Unbeknownst to these nitwits who are actually referring to the Shoe brand Hush Puppies - the dog they are referring to in those posters are actually Basset Hounds.   Basset Hounds and Beagles look alike - and like us Beagles - Basset Hounds are --- you guessed it hounds.   Since I am often mistaken for a Basset Hound - I convinced daddy to take this picture of me.   Anipals - what do you think?  Can I be a good Shoe Model?  By the way - the shoe - like me is not Hush Puppies.  It is from Pedro.  When they are not being worn by daddy - I occasionally convert them to Chew toys.  


  1. People here get bassets and beagles mixed up too. I've been asked a few times if a basset/shar pei mix. Some of my best friends are bassets, but I look nothing like them!
    And yes, you would be a super cute shoe model!

  2. Thank you Laney. Some of my good friends are also Basset Hounds. I love their big ears and droopy eyes.
    If I were a shoe model - I just hope I resist the urge to Beagoat the shoes. Or maybe my talent contract should just say I should be paid in Shoes to Beagoat.

  3. Oooh paid in shoes! I like that idea!
    I just sleep with her shoes when she's not at home, much to my mom's relief. I'm a soft-chewer and only chew on stuffies and blankets.
    That's mom's only complaint about me at home.. holes in blankets. :/
    Have you ever heard of this?

  4. Good for you and your mom. It seems like you didn't get much of the Beagoat gene. Char Siew did not go through the compulsive chewing that I went through when I was a puppy. Not even the holes in blankets. I didn't take to chewing blankets - but then again - I wasn't allowed inside the bedroom when nobody's around. I did destroy our couch --- so maybe your blanket chewing is equivalent to my couch/upholstery beagoating.

  5. Mom covers our couch with blankets.. mainly to catch my incessant shedding. So she lucked out that I chewed the blanket on the couch instead of the couch!