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If You Drop it. We consider it Sold

Last week,  we dropped by our favorite place: Adora.  While we were there,  I wanted to try on this beautiful blue leather jacket.  Unfortunately - they don't have my size.   I also tried on another jacket from Tyler which - surprise - surprise - is also not available in my size.   When did I become too big for clothes off the rack?

Disappointed over this revelation of not fitting into clothes that I want to buy - I turned to items in the store that might fit me - sunglasses.  As I tried on a pair from the Ray-bans shelf - and as I return it - I accidentally bumped into another pair - and it dropped on the floor.  To my dismay - it chipped.  Of course - i had to pay for it. 

So I ended up buying a chipped blue sun-glasses from Ray-ban.  I asked the optical shop if they can replace the lens - and they can for 450 pesos.  However, they don't have the matching shade.   Oh well - that sucks.

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