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Indecent Proposal

I use Grindr - an iPhone App where you can track other men who are close to your physical location and maybe chat them up.   I rarely start the conversation - not because I'm a snob - it really is because I'm shy.  I might look fabulous now - but I was not very pretty when I was growing up.  So I continue to be shy.

Anyways - this post is not about me.  It's about my two babies.  I've posted numerous pictures in Grindr as my profile picture - and so far - men seem to like the pictures I have included in this blog post.  One in which I am with Char Siew and the other with Midori.  I'm thinking, I must really look really good in these pictures - or these pictures make me look really friendly.  Whatever the reason might be,  tt works for me - because I like starting good conversations by talking about my dog.

So you might think all is well with these pictures --- well not quite.  Since I have dogs in my picture - I've found that there are men in Grindr who send me a message - not to hook up with me but to ask if I would like to have my beautiful dogs hook up with their dogs.  I tell them that I've actually spayed and neutered Midori and Char Siew.  I also try to tell them my reasons for doing that --- since it is not a common practice in the Philippines.   My main reason for it is to give as much chance as I can give to Midori and Char Siew to live longer and healthier lives.  Some of them get it --- and some of them don't.

Recently - a boy - with a Chihuahua in his profile picture asked me if I would be interested in having puppies with his dog.  I told him I can't since my dogs no longer have the family jewels.  I also pointed out to him that his dog is a Chihuahua and asked if he knew that Chihuahuas always deliver via a Caesarian operation.  He said - he knew about it and that is why he got a male Chihuahua.   Oh My DOG.  I was floored by that response - and blocked his profile immediately.   Horrible - don't you think?

Best Friends - Q. and Char Siew 
Best Friends - Q. and Midori


  1. So he wants to breed his dog and leave someone else with puppies?! Wow, he's a pimp for his dog! ...And the opposite of a responsible dog owner.
    Yeah, blocking him was a good idea.

  2. When Midori first joined our household, I did think of letting her have puppies - so I actually waited till she was around 18 months old till I got her spayed. But everything I read about responsible pet ownership points to having my dogs neutered or spayed.

    On that guy - he actually wanted to have puppies but he didn't want to have the responsibility of taking care of the pregnant dog.