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Mary Grace - Perfect Meal for Rainy Weather.

The monsoon season in the Philippines occur between the months of June and September.  During this time period, the whole country experiences rain almost every day.   The house of queens' residents are divided over the matter of rain.  I personally don't like rain.  I prefer sunny days.  However - we do have some residents who prefer the bed weather feeling that rain brings.

For someone like me who does not like rain - I look for home-cooked goodness during these times.  I look for Chocolate Porridge ( or Champorado ) or any type of soup.  I also don't like pigging out on these days - I just want my meal very light.

For this weekend, we were at Greenbelt and we chose to have lunch at Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2.   We decided to sit al fresco wherein the owner of the restaurant setup a garden like environment.  Mary Grace is not really home-cooked meal - but their dishes definitely speak of recipes that might be familiar to the Filipino household.

These empty chairs were soon filled by a family who like us are having a day together at Greenbelt.

I'm not sure I like the Shower head.  However - the garden look is definitely charming.

In all Mary Grace restaurants, you will see these hand written notes from satisfied customers. 

Hot Chocolate anyone?

I like this pumpkin soup.

The other queen decided to have wild mushroom soup.  She actually wanted the pumpkin soup but since I already ordered that - she said - she'll have this instead.  Both choices were good.

Prawn Salad.   Fresh ingredients are the key to a delicious salad.
I ordered the Chicken Inasal sandwich.

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