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Midori is Tired after Vigorous Walkie

Anipals - should I call SPCA or Paws?  I think Daddy is being cruel.  For two days now,  I had been taken on this long walks - or should I say runs.  Yes - I've been running and I am not even given the chance to sniff around.  

I have someone to blame for this.  Her name is Auntie May.  We met her at Doggie Love last weekend and she told Daddy that I think I need a little bit of muscle mass.  Apparently - I can get that by running and my long morning and afternoon walks are not enough.   Of course - telling someone like my dad - that his dog is fat - can drive him into the same insane drive he applies in his own weight management.  He has body issues - and now that I'm fat - he thinks it reflects on him.

Daddy says there is good news to all of this effort.  He said that he can increase my food portions if he sees me losing weight after all of this exercise.   

I am so tired - I don't know what to after that walk.  I want to have a comfortable spot.

Should I stay here at the foot of Daddy's Bed?  I think the air-conditioning gets to this spot.

Why don't I just sleep on Daddy's bed?

I'm banned from the bed because I've had accidents on the bed before.

So I will just lay down here.

And I will just rest.  I hope I don't dream of chasing rabbits.  I'm too tired to chase rabbits.

Good night anipals!


  1. You don't look fat at all! Is your daddy taking flattering pics, or was that lady crazy?

  2. Thank you Laney. You're being kind. Actually - Daddy posts my flattering pics. I think I am a bit overweight - I was 41 lbs - last time we weighed. More than once - people we meet have asked me if I am pregnant. That's not a polite question to ask a human - why can that be a polite question to ask a dog?

    But - all is well since I am starting these walks. I have been walking faster and keeping up with Daddy. So I think I like this exercise thing-y.

  3. 41 lbs?! You definitely don't look that. I'm 31 lbs, but am so barrel-chested people think I'm over-weight, but am only a pound or two over according to my vet.
    One good thing about our short, little beagle legs.. we get a better workout than our humans! Good luck on the walks! It's my favorite thing!